Product Features

  • India’s brightest and the foremost portable lighting solutions based on revolutionary Green - e converters.
  • It support Day to Day activities and is absolutely safe to use.
  • Utilizes APWM positive rail series charging mechanism - an Internationally proven standard for longer system life.
  • Unique ‘Digital Dimming’ feature provides twin luminosity.
  • Features pertaining to Underwriter Laboratory (UL) international standards.
  • Only solar portable to utilize a miniature T5 (tri – phosphor coating) tubes.
  • Large reserve capacity for emergency usage.
  • 10 Year warranty for the solar module and 18 months for balance of the system.
  • Largest range of models - 25 W to 100 W.

Bright Mode
Dim Mode
Chirag Mini
25W-2 Hrs.
Chirag Midi
25W-2 Hrs.
40W-3.5 Hrs.
60W-3 Hrs.
40W-5 Hrs.
Chirag XL 60
60W-4 Hrs.
40W-7 Hrs
Chirag XL 100
100W-2 Hrs.
60W-3 Hrs
* either of the modes under typical sunny conditions

"Complete Kits for converting existing conventional street lights or garden lights are available to help move towards a reliable renewable source."

Sunlight after Sunset