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We Create, Design and Make it Real

Established in 1992 as a small company, Enn Cee Enterprises, has now carved a permanent place among the small group of manufacturers of Solar Lighting Systems to cater to the global need of tailor-made products. Over the years, Enn Cee has developed the necessary infrastructure and R&D facilities to meet the needs of quality products confirming to the national and international code requirements.

Continuous research in this field has resulted in the birth of Green 'e' Systems, whose by-products are Chirag range of Portables, Anjora range of Home Lightings and Akashdeep range of Outdoor Lightings.

We are the first private enterprise in India to give a single largest light output Solar Luminare equivalent to a 300W incandescent bulb. These are India’s Brightest Solar Lighting Systems.

Unlimited length of DC transmission from system to the lamps without voltage drop or losses is the unique property of these systems.

APWM Charge Controllers, Proprietary power converters, MPPO techniques, resonant CFL / T5 fluorescent drives, brighter, slimmer and quality HVDC lightings are some of our indigenously developed innovative products.