The 'Anjora' series are an independent and reliable source to a clean source of abundant solar lighting power. These highly integrated units are effective alternates to conventional lighting or even UPS and can be harnessed to bring in the Sunlight after Sunset'

These systems are first of a kind in India and offer quality slim line Bright Home Lighting unlike dim and bulky solar home lights otherwise locally available.

Product Features

  • Flexible home lighting solutions based on revolutionary Green - e DC-DC converters to virtually eliminate costly solar power losses.
  • Utilizes Positive Rail APWM series charging mechanism - an Internationally proven standard for a longer system life.
  • Greater state of charge as compared to only 40% - 50% of locally available system controllers, thus longer system life.
  • Pertains to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) International standards.
  • 'Total Automation' at low cost with ‘Sun Sensors’ which turn on the lamps at dusk. Digital Timers for unmanned operation also available.
  • India’s First Solar Home Lights utilizing T5 (tri-phosphor coating) & integrated resonant converters.
  • Largest range of models (25 W to 300 W) in T5, CFL and white LED ranges.
  • 10 Year warranty for the solar module and 30 months for the system.

To Harness More Of The Sun Using Futuristic Technologies